Animals in the Garden

If you look around your garden all the living creatures around you will amaze you. Different animals like different environments and it depends on the landscape you create around your home as to what animals will make your garden their home. You may find lizards basking in the sun on the rocks or at night you might hear frogs merrily croaking in your pond.

This section will provide you with information and fun facts on the animals you may find living in your garden.


Learn all about Bees by downloading the PDF below.

Bees Bees (92 KB)


Learn all about butterflies by downloading the PDF fact sheet below.

Butterflies Butterflies (94 KB)


Learn some interesting facts about Eathworms by downloading the PDF file below.

Earthworms Earthworms (93 KB)

Garden Snails

Learn all about Garden Snails by downloading the PDF below.

Garden Snails Garden Snails (92 KB)